Ludger Frink

Fat, sweaty and looking for gold



Experience Counter—- 0 (every 5 points gets an Advance)

Ludger Frink was born in central Germany and showed aptitude for the burgeoning art of Chymistry. His family was poor so he attached himself to the local Diocese as a healer of ailments and methodically worked himself up the ranks of the Church all the while taking pains not to make too many Vows to the papacy, for it was a dread fear of dying that kept him from foreign ministry work. Seeking ways to increase his cash flow he married the daughter of a wealthy butcher and his dread fear of having to take care of children became manifest when his sure-fire anti fertility serum back-fired.

A new and upcoming Chymist was surpassing Frink as the beloved healer in the Diocese. Lean, handsome and faithful to the doctrines of Christ, he was everything Frink was not. Luckily he died mysteriously one night due to poisoning. Although Frink had the motive and the means it was never proven that he killed his rival over financial matters. However, a couple of days after the death the Papacy sent order that Ludger Frink will go to the new lands of the Amber Coast and seek new business opportunities for the Church. He got a loan from a notoriously vile money-lender to equip himself with armour, weapons and a 15 pound portable Alcemistry lab.

Although his young life had taken a dark, unexpected turn for the horrible, at least he would avoid dealing with his shrew of a wife and 6 crying kids for a few years. Then his wife informed him that she had taken out an even bigger loan to pay for the family’s travels with him so she could keep a close eye on his undoubtedly ill-pious actions.

Ludger Frink

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