Prince-Bishop Albrecht von Buxthoeven, Third Bishop of Livonia, by grant of His Royal Highness, King Philip of Swabia and by Papal Bull issued by His Holiness, Pope Innocent III, is seeking men who are devout of heart and strong of arm to journey to the new town of Riga, in Livonia, to join the new Holy Order of Schwertbrüderorden to convert the last heathen tribes of Europe so that they may know the Glory of Our Lord by peaceful means or that of force and to claim the new lands in the name of the Blessed Virgin, Mary.

Those who answer the call shall be rewarded with the issuance of land in the new land of Terra Mariana.

Answering the call, you boarded the cob, Delphin, in the fair city of Lübeck, Holstein on Dienstag, 9 März, in the Year of our Lord, 1234. The cob spent four days at sea before stopping off at the city of Visby on the Danish owned island of Gotland, located in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The cob remained in port for three days, where it unloaded cargo and took on a group of merchants.

During the week spent both onboard the Delphin and in port at Visby, the four heroes learn that each of them has answered the call of the Pope and are all looking to begin a new life in Livonia, becoming close friends in the process.

The Delphin left Visby two days ago. The light is just starting to fade as the Delphin sails into the mouth of the mighty River Dvina. The date is currently Donnerstag, 16 März.

Livonia knight

Terra Mariana

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