Terra Mariana

Arrival in Riga
19.00 Donnerstag 16 März, 1234

Finally the great city of Riga appears in the distance. The nine-day journey is nearly at an end. The adventurers pull their cloaks tighter around their shoulders as the temperature falls along with the sun, to below freezing point.

From time to time, small sheets of ice bump against the cog’s hull as it changes course for the harbour. But at least the Dvina is flowing once again, after being frozen up until a few weeks ago.

All of the passengers are on deck to witness their arrival into the city, anxious to get the first glimpse of the fabled city. Riga certainly looks quite impressive considering that it has only existed for a little over three decades. The city is stoutly defended with its new city walls and is larger and more modern and wealthy-looking than the new arrivals dared imagine. The rumours as to the riches that are on offer in Livonia are hopefully more than mere rumours What are hopefully the last snows of winter cover the city’s rooftops and surrounding lands.

The Delphin settles against the pier, as the awaiting stevedores grab the ropes and secure the boat in place. Unburdened by the baggage that most of the passengers have brought with them with, the adventurers are some of the first off the Delphin, and head through the city walls.

Having not really been given any detailed instructions as to what to do upon their arrival in Riga, Franceso asks the first German that he comes across where to find Grandmaster Schenk Voltwin von Winterstein and is directed to the castle, in the extreme north-west of the city. The group heads in the direction and approach the castle’s impressive battlements. Franceso asks one of the guards on-duty if they can meet with the Grandmaster, but is told that the Grandmaster does not accept visitors after sundown except in case of emergencies and so recommends that the party members return the next morning.

Wanting to make a good first impression on the Grandmaster, the group heads off again to seek out an affordable inn in which to spend the night.


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