Francesco Bembano da Brescia

5'9", 189 lbs, muscular build, brown hair, brown eyes.


{note- Franco’s advantages/disadvantages reflect his having already taken the vows of the order…}

Attributes (80)~

ST- 12 (20)
DX- 12 (40)
IQ- 11 (20)
HT- 10 (0)

Advantages (45)~

Grant of Legal Immunity (per template, 15)
Powerful Patron (Church, per template, 15)

Latin- Formal (Spoken/Written, Native, 6)
Italian- Lombard dialects (Spoken, Native, Mother Tongue, 0)
German- Low (Spoken, Accented, 0*)
Scandinavian- Danish (Spoken, Accented, 2)
Russian- (Spoken, Accented, 2)
Finnish- (Spoken, Accented, 2)
Polabian- (Spoken, Accented, 1*)
French- (Spoken, Broken, 1)
Latvian- (Spoken, Broken, 1)

Disadvantages (-50)~

Duty (Church, 15 or less, -15)
Bloodlust (12 or less, -10)
Intolerance (Non-Christians, 12 or less, -5)
Callous (-5)
Enemy (Ghibellines, Rare 6 or less, Equal to PC, -5)
Social Stigma (Disowned by Family, -5)
Light Sleeper (-5)

Quirks (-5)~

Obsession (regain Honour, -1)
Vow (acquire land/title, -1)
Chauvinistic (non Lombards, -1)
Proud (-1)
Obsession (Dogs) (-1)

Skills (30)~

Crossbow 14 (4)
Ax/Mace 13 (4)
Shield 12 (1)
Knife 12 (1)
Broadsword 11 (1)
Lance 11 (1)
Armory/Missile Wpn 10 (1)

Riding/Equines 13 (4)
Tracking 12 (4)
First Aid 11 (1)
Animal Handling/Canines 11 (2)
Animal Handling/Equines 10 (1)
Naturalist 9 (1)

Merchant 10 (1)
Intimidation 10 (1) +1 Callous
Leadership 10 (1)
Theology/Catholic 9 (1)

Remus (hunting dog),
Axe, Crossbow (ST/12, 100 quarrels), Dagger,
Medium Shield
Mail Hauberk/Padding, Mail Coif/Padding, Leather Leggings,
Boots, Clothing, Heavy Cloak
Blanket, Knife, Mug, Wineskin


Born in the commune of Brescia on February 6, 1179 (Anno Domini), Franco was the younger of two sons given to the wealthy merchant Federico Bembano by his wife, Sabina. His grandfather, Ernesto, had fought with the “company of death” at Legnano. The family had strong Guelph ties, both by blood and by commercial interests.

While his elder brother Antonio was being groomed to succeed their father, the years of Franco’s youth were spent either at the feet of the local Bishop learning to read Latin, or in the field, hunting with his fathers Master of Hounds, Giacomo Pisa. By the age of 17 he was an accomplished hunter, horseman, and houndskeeper himself. By age 18, he was literate in Church Latin and had picked up a smattering of several other languages. Nor was his martial education neglected. He became proficient with both Sword and Axe, as well as with Crossbow, Lance, and Shield.

But such an upbringing did not guarantee success, for Franco was a young man haunted by his own particular demons. When Antonio, three years his senior, killed his first Boar at age 12, Franco was envious. When Antonio, at 16, bested their 21 year old cousin at wrestling, Franco hoped his own triumphs would come. But by the time Antonio, at age 18, killed a Ghibelline who had insulted their mother, Franco was unmoved, believing that destiny had passed him over in favor of his older brother. So, by the age of 19, Franco had developed an outwardly callous indifference to both his own worth and that of others. A malaise had “set” in Franco’s soul.

That year, 1198, saw Franco take his revenge. His brother’s newlywedded wife, Giovanna, developed feelings for Franco. Taking advantage of her weakness, Franco seduced Giovanna and began a 3 month affair that would end in tragedy. Witnessing a particularly torrid assignation, Sabina’s maid informed Franco’s mother of his dalliances. As soon as Federico found out, he disowned Franco and forbade him ever set foot in Brescia again…and so began the wanderings of our lost footsoldier, moving with the ebb and flow of time’s tides, until he washed up on the shores of Livonia, looking for salvation…

Francesco Bembano da Brescia

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