Raven's Beak

Fine Battleaxe

weapon (melee)

Fine Axe (LT65) sw+3 cut, Reach 1, Parry 0U, 4 lbs., $500
Signature Item of Eskil Algotsson Stor


Appearance: A typical Swedish battle axe – 2 foot haft of ash and reinforced with iron langets. The head is made of fine steel and decorated with longships cleaving the waves.

History: When Algot Efraimsson of Algutstorp learned that his son was going to help in the Crusades, he called the smith to him.

“My son needs a weapon fit for a war dedicated to Christ. Seeing as Christ was a carpenter I think that an axe would be suitable. So make him the best axe your craft can manage.”

And the smith went to his forge and prayed to St. George, protector of weaponsmiths. So the axe was forged, the first in the North to be made with an all-steel head, or so it was said, and presented to Eskil Algotsson, champion of the Living God. And Eskil called it Korpnäbb, that is Raven’s Beak and wore it in all his battles.

Raven's Beak

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